Distributed Dialogues EP #17 – Low Hanging Fruit

Published on February 15th, 2019 by

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“Once people become comfortable with blockchain … Remember, blockchain is really tainted by bitcoin, which is tainted by the dark web. Healthcare is looking at it going, “Oh my God, this is a creepy space. We don’t want any piece of this.” Well, that’s a problem if you’re an entrepreneur. You want to choose something that has minimum amount of regulation, biggest upside possible, get everybody comfortable, move forward.” – Dr. Alan Pitt

Many companies in the healthcare sector have been exploring how blockchain technology can upend long-standing processes that have bogged down the system for decades. However, a lot of them are attempting to tackle major, big-picture issues that could take decades to accomplish with a budding technology. So we asked our guests, “What’s something tangible that could be accomplished in the near future?” This episode explores those responses, with a little help and humor from Dave and Grahm. Enjoy!

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Music provided by: Trent Ubben

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